About Us

The Bison brand is all about being a quality, tough and durable product line that is inspired by the all-mighty North American Bison. Bison Lifting Equipment is a name which portrays the legendary strength, power and longevity of this magnificent animal, as it prevails through the harshest environments.

Bison Lifting Equipment is America’s trusted source for heavy duty industrial hoist/ lifting products and solutions. Serving several industries where lifting applications would otherwise be challenging without the assistance of lifting devices. Customer safety is our number one priority, which is why Bison products are specially designed and manufactured to meet AMSE regulations.

We are driven to provide our customers with the highest quality possible which is achieved by maintaining strict quality control over every product that leaves our plant. Our flagship hoists feature overload protection, preventing operators from exceeding a products rated lifting capacity.

At Bison Lifting Equipment, we partner with our customers for the long run by having dedicated technical support teams on standby and an integral manufactures warranty.